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“FlipBook® and FlipBook Lite are the #1 animation apps for your iPhone, with well over 2 million downloads! Easily make your doodles come to life and share them with your friends. FlipBook has everything you need to get started animating, from an eraser to onion skinning (which lets you see a faint image of the previous and next frames) to layered drawing. Load images from your photo library, including images taken with your iPhone’s camera, and draw on top of them. If you make a mistake, just touch Undo. Touch Play when you’re ready to see how your movie looks. Share your movie by uploading it to flipbook.tv so that everyone can see it. FlipBook puts animation into your hands. ” $4.99 from the App Store.

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Things other brands copied from Apple

Apple always comes up with something new and other brands just makes some modifications to it and launches their product.

Let’s take a look at those ‘modifications’.

1. Touch ID

(image source)

When Apple introduced the fingerprint scanner Touch ID in their iPhone it made a buzz. The buzz created was quite big which made Samsung go crazy and couldn’t resist the company from copying the technology. Here comes the Samsung Galaxy S4. From then on many models made their way to the market sporting the fingerprint scanner.

2. The “GOLD” Fever

(image source)

When Apple introduced a new Gold variant for iPhone 5s many(this ‘many’ are the ones who never owned an Apple product)said ” shee… It looks girlish”. Well we all know what actually happened went it went on for sale. The gold variant got sold out like hotdogs. Then comes the ‘others’ with new gold bodies and cover. First among them were Samsung and HTC followed by many again ‘others’.

3. Dual Flash

(image source)

Again when Apple came up with dual led flash which gave more accuracy to the skin tones , these ‘others’ couldn’t resist. From then on we saw many phones with dual LEDs and the latest to this copycat thing is Nexus 6.

At the end of the day technologies are meant to be learned and implemented. But I don’t know what these ‘others’ would do if there is no Apple. What do you think think? Did I miss out any copycat stuff? Letme know in the comments.

Madness only Apple can boast of

Check out Apple crazy fans and how crazy they can get. This is MADNESS.


(image source)

Over 1000s of Apple fans gathered in China to get their hands on iPhone 4s.


(image source)

This one crazy photo about how an Apple fan watches an iPhone launch event is a killer.


(image source)

Mr. David Rahimi and his girlfriend flew all the way from California to Sydney to be the first in the world to get iPhone 6.


(image source)

Apple hair cut is the best way to show your love for Apple.


(image source)

This guy is so mad about Apple that he built an Apple Store replica in his office.

Are you a crazy Apple Fanboy? Let me know your opinion about Apple in the comments.

I’ve admired Steve Jobs for a long time. And this particular Quote by him is my favorite too. Stay Hungry and taste everything and as much as you could and make sure that you don’t run out of hunger. Stay Foolish because you can never know everything and knowing everything can still make you look foolish.

Frost Yaw



This is one of my favourite quotes by the late Apple CEO, Steve Job. I never get to know who is this great man behind Apple not until his death. This inspiring quote means a lot to me as I always interpret it as hungry for knowledge, foolish for knowledge. It is all about getting to know more and more each day be it the food knowledge you gained through spending some quality time with your granny in the kitchen or some new terms you get to learned through watching a movie. Well this is how I would like to define it and you might not agree with me. But that is totally fine ! Pure sharing okay!

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What we needed in iPhone 6s

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Rumors about iPhone 6s are already making its round in internet. As the new iPhone 6 was a big change, it wasn’t that satisfying. Many are still sticking to iPhone 5s and are ready to wait for the 6s. Many features are rumored to be in the next iteration of iPhone. But the features we needed badly and necessary are given below according to my experience with iPhone and as well as with my friends and friends of friends.

1. Sapphire Crystal or any hard substitute

Yes, screen is weakest of the iPhone. Seeing your screen shattered is the most heartbreaking thing to happen. We don’t expect a military grade bullet proof screen but a better hard screen like sapphire could do.

2. Better battery life

Battery life is relatively better in iPhone 6 than the older versions but not the best. A better longer battery life can make an iPhone a best buy. A better battery life means you can enjoy all the features for a longer time and can make the most out of the iPhone.

3. Water proof

This feature is almost there all other flagship phones. We would appreciate it if our next iPhone is waterproof and under water photography is also a cool feature.

4. Better Grip

We all know that iPhone 6 comes with ‘ultraslippery’ feature which we hate. We would like our next iPhone to have good grip and do not slip off our hands so easily.

5. Applocker

This is a much needed feature for iPhone. And yes it is available when you are ready to take a risk and jailbreak it. Many are not ready for this and jailbreaking a $500+ smartphone is not something good and satisfying. Apple should make it available as a built in feature or should allow Third party apps. Because its very much frustrating that anyone can see all your datas when the phone is unlocked.

Did I miss out any? Let me know in the comments.

2 iOS 8 fixes we needed badly

iOS 8 hasn’t been a pleasant experience for everyone. It did come with lots of cool and necessary features and there’s no doubt about it. And undoubtedly it came with lots of bugs out of which most of it were fixed by recent iOS 8 updates. I said most, not all.

2 Main issues needs to be fixed immediately:

1. Battery Drain Issue

Battery drain is the most frustrating issue for many iphone owners after iOS 8 update. iPhone 5s and older iPhones seems to have affected by this more. We can literally see the battery percentage dropping every 2 minutes. After a few use of data and music player battery percentage is down to 1%. Now we actually feel like what Samsung called iPhone owners ” Wall hangers”.

2. Wifi connectivity issues

This is another major problem of iOS 8. Most of the people depend upon wifi than cellular network . Whether it’s in office or home most of them use wifi connections. After updating to iOS 8 and for some after updating to iOS 8.1 their iPhones doesn’t connect or recognize wifi networks. This is very much frustrating when we are waiting for an important e-mail or other things which needed us go online. Some are reporting problems that the wifi connection drops suddenly. This makes you feel in a not so good feeling when you are in middle of a chat or something important.

Apple should take these two problems very seriously and should provide us with a fix that makes us love our iPhone more than ever.

If there are any other major issues troubling you let me know in the comments.

You Don’t Mess With Apple

Apple is the most criticized brand ever. It have been trashed and smashed by media and Apple haters. But the Cupertino based tech giant kept coming back more stronger.

When antennagate occured there were many criticisms but it never affected iPhone sales. Now the recent bendgate and hairgate seems to be a distant memory. But the “gate” phenomenon and the misfired ios 8.0.1 update left a big whole in Apple stocks. Everyone criticized Apple for its weak phone design hiding the fact that Apple is the one which started the trend of solid designed smartphones.

And what happened after all this? Tim cook shutdown Apple Inc. and started selling apples in his neighborhood. NO. They went on selling more than 509 million iPhones and still counting. iPhones are now the fastest selling smartphone in most countries. Apple stocks went like rocket and is now worth more than the entire Russian stock market which itself is the 20th largest stock market in the world. Not just iPhone. iPad, iPod, MacBooks , everything Apple is the best in class, user experience , technology, design. Apple has the largest loyal fan base among the tech industry. And it is expanding like anything.

However you try to degrade Apple it keeps coming back more stronger than ever.

Bottom Line:

You Don’t Mess With Apple

Let me know your opinion in the comment section.

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